Paranormal Investigators

Our Services



 If you feel your home or place of business has paranormal activity, our team will come to your location with the latest knowledge and investigative equipment to determine the best course of action. 



 Not all cases are straight forward or require an investigation.  Epicedium will do thorough research and contact the upmost professionals to help you, our client, to get the best results for your situation. 



 Cases do not end after we leave your house.  We leave you with the best tools and course of action to make sure the problem does not recur.  This can involve several different types of protections through various methods. 

House Clearings


Homes and businesses can become heavy with energy, typically after a trauma, illness or stressful event.  Epicedium can help to reset the energy of your home and provide you with methods to maintain a "clean" home.

Negative Hauntings


Several members of the Epicedium team are part of Sanctuary Paranormal, a team trained specifically for extreme and negative cases.  Lead by Dave Juliano, our priority is the safety of the clients and getting them the best possible help.



The Epicedium team travels to expos throughout the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas.  Our goal is to help sustain the paranormal community and discuss different techniques and methods used.