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Meet the Team

Gail Stibitz ~ Administrative Director and Investigator


  Gail has been interested in the paranormal since childhood after a few ghostly instances in her home. She believes her true passion is to help all souls, living and dead, both man and animal. She started attending expos and eventually joined a paranormal group to gain experience and help others. 

  She is always looking for ways to expand her understanding of the "bigger picture" through spiritual development classes and research. While her interest in the paranormal started with connecting with loved ones who have passed, it has branched into how the angelic realm and our animal companions affect our world spiritually and psychically. She believes that all souls can be helped through patience, understanding and universal light.   

Ron Shemelia ~ Assistant Director and Case Manager


  Ron has been researching the paranormal since he saw something in his house as a child. He has been looking for answers ever since. Ron started working with other paranormal teams resulting in years of experience for both consulting and investigating.   

  After a lot of soul searching, he realized he wanted to start his own team and that’s when he reached out to his former colleagues. Ron has a passion for helping others that don’t know who else to turn to. He is currently researching and learning how to hone his abilities in an effort to do this.   

  In his spare time Ron enjoys movies (especially sci-fi), hanging with friends, video games and reaching out to others with an interest in the unknown.   

Brittany Febus ~ Research Manager and Investigator


Brittany has been interested in the Paranormal ever since she was haunted as a child. Feeling frightened & invaded upon, she sought out to find answers on the overall topic of the “unseen” ever since.    After two years of gaining experience and knowledge on another paranormal investigative group she wanted to start her own team with her friends and colleagues.

Brittany is constantly researching and reading up on the occult, paranormal, magick & herbal apothecary. She is currently in the process of completing a Space Clearing Certification. She also aims to attend different classes in the future to gain more knowledge and ancient wisdom. She believes heavily in the powers of nature, the moon, the secrets of the rose, the divine and rock & roll.  

Kim Hart ~ Investigative Manager and Team Lead


    Kim has always had an interest in the paranormal and the unknown. When her grandfather passed away at a young age she encountered her first spiritual experience. This made her want to search and learn more about what is out there. She started her journey by attending paranormal investigations run by other paranormal groups and eventually joined a paranormal group.   

  Attending these investigations Kim has had experiences that just could not be explained away. During this learning process Kim has learned to to be in tune with herself and trust her intuition. She is extremely passionate about this field and believes there is always more to learn. Kim hopes to assist clients by identifying the types of activity occurring at their location and bring a resolution to the case.   

Tim O'Grady ~ Investigator In Training


 Tim likes to think of himself as a believer. He believes he’s on this planet for a reason, a purpose. He believes in the grand plan of the universe and that everything has its place. He believes in God, angels and spirit guides. He whole heartedly believes that when we die, our souls carry on to something else. He always wondered where, but never looked into getting answers about it.

After the tragic events of 9/11, he felt a calling into public service and became a law enforcement officer. It’s this calling that helped shape Tim into a good investigator. He loves the challenge of looking for clues and piecing things together that no one else could. It was while watching ghost hunting shows on tv, that he realized he wanted to try to get answers himself. He wanted to experience his own communication with the other side. Tim has experience with various ghost hunting equipment and has learned different investigative techniques while working with other teams before coming to Epicedium. He looks to bring his energy and drive for answers to the team.  

Sabrina Romasz - Investigator In Training


Sabrina has always had an interest in the paranormal, which started when she was a teenager, as that’s when she began to have experiences, while growing up in her childhood home. 

Through her interest in the paranormal, Sabrina began to wonder how religion and psychology play a role in the paranormal world. Helping others has always been a passion of hers, as she feels connected with the people she comes in contact with. This opened up her career in Law Enforcement, where she has been for over 15 years, and is able to connect with people, to guide them in their physical life. In her off time, she finds satisfaction in connecting with those in their spiritual life.

Sabrina hopes to continue her studies into psychology and the various religions in order to gain a better understanding of how people work, in this world, as well as the next.

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