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Thank you for visiting our website.  Epicedium is a team of professionals who are here to help you.  All investigations are confidential and free of charge.  We have years of experience with paranormal activity, which is not just limited to ghost activity.  For us, the paranormal and the unknown are one in the same.  We do everything we can to research and develop our knowledge of anything out of the ordinary.  Our goal is to make sure our clients have somewhere to turn for help and support.  Thank you for allowing us to help you.  

We currently are accepting inquiries in Northern and Central New Jersey.  Also in the following Pennsylvania counties -  Wayne, Pike and Monroe 

Mission Statement

We are here to help

We are a professional team of experienced investigators with years of experience in the paranormal field.  We are constantly educating ourselves to better understand and serve our clients in need - both the living and the dead.  Our total focus is finding overall solutions to any situation.  We approach every case with love and light.  We do not taunt or anger spirits.  We will never investigate and flee for we feel everyone who reaches out to us needs help before, during and after an investigation.


Interested In Joining Our Team?

Do you have an interest in the paranormal and a passion for helping others?  Our team could be a good fit for you.  We look for hard working and dedicated people of all backgrounds and religions.  Click the link below for more information.

Sanctuary Paranormal

For Extreme and Negative Cases

Epicedium's goal as a team is to provide our clients with the best possible resources for their safety and well being.  Therefore, several members of the Epicedium team are also members of Sanctuary Paranormal, a group which focuses on the most extreme and problematic cases.

Sanctuary is directed by Dave Juliano, a leader in the industry for over 30 years.  As an ordained member of the clergy and well known demonologist, Dave is able to provide Sanctuary with the best possible guidance and resources for the client.

If Epicedium receives a case which is deemed to be negative, Sanctuary will be contacted.  Our number one priority is your safety and best possible care.


Privacy Policy


Epicedium respects your right to privacy. As one of our clients, we will never disclose any personal information received on our website, in newsletters, blogs or alternate type of social media without permission from our clients. All members have signed a confidentiality agreement and therefore bound not to discuss or disclose any details of inquiries or cases to anyone outside of the team. At the time of any investigation a Confidentiality Agreement and Liability Waiver will be provided to the client.  This form can be provided to any user of this website upon request. Due to the personal nature of paranormal investigations and the need to sign liability waivers, all inquiries must be submitted by someone of legal age or have the consent of a legal guardian.   

Epicedium will be discreet at all times while conducting an investigation, including but not limited to – arriving at the site location with as few cars as possible, vehicles and clothing will not have logos or advertising visible while outside the property and any equipment will be brought into the location in a discreet manner.

Users may find links or other content on our site that will bring you to a third party website. We do not control the content of those websites and we are not responsible for any practices employed by those in charge of the content of those websites. Any third party links can change at any time after posted on our site and therefore we have no liability and do not necessarily agree with any content on those sites.

Our Site may contain 'cookies.'  User's web browser places cookies on their hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about them. The user has the right to refuse cookies however it could cause the website to not function properly. 

Epicedium has the discretion to change this privacy policy at any given time. When we do, the date of any revisions will be posted at the end of the privacy policy. By using this site, you are signifying your acceptance of this policy in its entirety. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy periodically in order to stay informed of any modifications. 

*revised 08/11/2019