Paranormal Investigators

Investigation Process


Case Inquiry and Consult Call

When an inquiry is received through the website, a team member will contact you as soon as possible to ask a few questions and have a form completed.  Upon receipt of the questionnaire, a team member will contact you for further information that might be needed.


Once a questionnaire has been received and reviewed by the team, someone will come out to the property for a preliminary interview and site inspection.


After a preliminary deems it necessary for an investigation, the team will set up a date for us to come to the property with the correct equipment to investigate the space.  At this time we use all of our resources to determine the source and solution to the problem.


Once an investigation is completed and all evidence has been reviewed, we will meet with the client to discuss our findings.  Any pertinent evidence will be provided to the client in hard copy or CD.  A course of action will be discussed with the client.


If the solution involves any protections, a follow up visit will be set up with the client.  At this time the client will also be provided with any information or tools the team feels necessary for them to implement in the future in order to avoid any potential of a recurring problem.

Follow ups

It is imperative to our team that our clients feel like they have someone to turn to.  Once a case is closed, we will continue to follow up with clients to make sure any activity has stopped.  We are always available for any questions and follow up visits if needed.