Paranormal Investigators


This page provides you with the highest quality and most reputable resources as both an investigator and spiritual enthusiast.  


Luna Rose Collective

The black salt provided by Luna Rose Collective cannot be beat.  It's highly protective and versatile.  Also it is made by our very own Brittany Febus!  


The Ghost Hunter Store

If you are a paranormal investigator or just attend public ghost hunts in your free time, The Ghost Hunter Store is the place to go for the latest investigative equipment.  


NOAA Space Weather

When using your paranormal equipment it is important to know the current space weather as it affects humidity, gravity, static and electromagnetic fields.  The NOAA provides the most current information you need to know.


Top Paranormal Sites

Are you interested in reading and researching as much as possible about the paranormal?  Check out Top Paranormal Sites for a list of websites for you to indulge your paranormal curiosity.  


Conscious Reminder

Conscious Reminder is a website which provides a wide range of articles relating to spirituality, lifestyles, health & wellness and much more.  The goal is to spread awareness and positive vibes.


Paranormal Societies

Epicedium is happy to help any client that reaches out to us, however sometimes you need to reach out to a team local to your area.  The Paranormal Societies websites provides you a list of teams throughout the entire USA.